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My creative journey started with my mom teaching me to draw fish and other aquatic animals at age 3. This culminated with me spending my formative school years vandalising my school textbooks with drawings. ​


This creative inclination brought me to Massey University at my father's suggestion, where after four years of study, I earned a bachelors degree in design (with honours). After graduating, I found myself working as an in-house graphic designer for four years and during that period learnt photography from my senior designer, who remains one of my closest friends. ​


Since gaining my creative stripes in-house, I decided to run my own business in the pursuit of other creative opportunities in photography and growing my portfolio. In the years being self employed, I've collaborated with amazing people on projects like fashion shoots, TV commercials, lifestyle and product photography, brand design and much more. ​


When I’m not taking photos, designing or drawing: I am training in martial arts, painting minis or telling stories.

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